The Sentinels Arrive at SDCC

Ever since Peter Dinklage was announced as playing Bolivar Trask fans have been asking will we see Sentinels in this movie considering the title corresponds to the X-men comics story where the Sentinels have wiped out much of the Mutant race.

2013-07-18-xmen sentinel head-533x399

Now we did get a look at a Sentinel in X-Men The Last Stand during a Danger Room session that gave us a fairly accurate depiction in regards to the comic’s model. This new one takes a drastic redesign from the comic’s model. Also looking at the model we’re going to have a slightly smaller design if the scale of the head is going to be the same for the movie.  The expressionless face is still there and almost resembles something Michael Bay would have thought up.


But fans looking at this have given mixed responses on it, as to be expected.  I must say I’m excited to see this Iconic X-Men villain being brought to the big screen for a more prominent role. Now I ask the question, will we be seeing Master Mold?

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases on May 23, 2014.

-Jason The X

[Editor’s Note: The official X-Men website just updated a little bit ago with this new official promo image (below)]