The Slender Man Trailer is a Collection of Uncomfortable Imagery

Wow, this is just a whole lot of nope wrapped up in some hell nope. The fright that was born from the internet Slender Man is finally receiving his own film. Here’s the trailer and while you watch that I’m going to go build my impenetrable pillow fort that no monsters can get in.

Now the thing about Slender Man is that it’s always been a psychological thing and that looks exactly what this movie is looking to do. It is going to prey on all those things that make you cringe and wince which I’ll say is exactly what the trailer has done here. Originally created in 2009 by Eric Knudsen as an internet meme Slender has manifested himself in video games, art, and many many terrible fan fictions I would say it’s well past time for a movie of this property. Set to be released May 18th 2018 Slender Man stars Javier Botet as The Slenderman, Jaz Sinclair as Chloe, Joey King as Wren, Julia Telles as Hallie, and Kevin Chapman as Mr. Jensen.

-Jason The X

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