The Solar System is in Peril in New ‘Ad Astra’ Trailer

It seems the stakes are higher than we thought in the latest trailer for Ad Astra. Keep reading to find out more!

Well well, the more I see of Ad Astra the more intrigued I am. I was already sold on the initial premise because it involves space travel and is somewhat science fiction, and that is my specialty. However, this latest trailer, which comes a month out from release, ups the intrigue by a factor of 100. Check out the trailer and I’ll explain afterward.

Okay, now that we’ve all enjoyed this brilliant trailer, let’s get down to the discussion. As I watched this trailer, one statement jumped out to me, namely that McBride is investigating antimatter that could destroy the Solar System.

I can hear you now: “Wait a minute, antimatter? Isn’t that Star Trek stuff?” Well, yes, it is featured rather prominently in that franchise, but in terms of physics antimatter is (theoretically) a very real substance, one that could be incredibly dangerous. Now that we know antimatter is involved in this story, it really goes a long way towards explaining why McBride’s journey is so urgent. This isn’t just the Earth that’s at stake, it’s the entire Solar System. If that goes, humanity is screwed because there’s literally nowhere else to go.

Another thing I like about this trailer is that it’s still clear that something important is being held back from the viewer. There’s some secret, some revelation that we’re not being told, and I love that because far too often I see movie trailers that essentially lay out the entire movie, plot twists and all, but that does not appear to be the case here.

With a month to go until release, I am beyond excited to see Ad Astra. Let us know what you think about this latest trailer for the movie down in the comments.

Ad Astra finally arrives in theaters on September 20, 2019.