‘The Walking Dead’ trailer is very familiar

I’ve been silently crossing my fingers for this TV show to be good.  I think the Zombie genre has lots of potential with plenty of unique story ideas.  I think it goes to show how well the genre is doing that now we’re able to get a television series from it.  I attribute movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead with helping spread the culture to a wider audience.

The Walking Dead

At this year’s Comic-Con the trailer for The Walking Dead was debuted to several fans, but of course it’s only now that the general public get’s their chance to check it out.  I had a lot of hype going into this show, so I was delighted to get the chance to finally check out some footage…and I’m a little dissappointed.

Any fan of Zombie flicks will easily recognize the many cliches from the genre.  Everything is fine.  Guy gets put into a hospital.  Guy wakes up in the hospital to an apocalyptic world.  Man wonders around town in a hospital gown.  Family is missing, and he must cope with the new reality.  So pretty much the same plot as several other Zombie movies.  I know it’s based off of a comic book and thus they’re only following that story, but it’s still sad to see.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for throwing us the video

Let’s face it, in this genre there are some story aspects that will always remain the same: survivors vs. zombies, looking for safe haven, etc.  But copying and pasting straight from other zombie stories is just too far.  There are plenty of other ideas that could have been done, but instead they go with something average and cliche.  For the general audience this might not be such a big deal, since they may have not seen many zombie stories before.  For fans, though, it’s disheartening.

I’m still looking forward to seeing the series when it debuts on Oct. 31 (with a 90 minute premiere), but I can only hope to see something more original than what’s been shown thus far.