The Witcher Series Gets A Movie Adaptation

Over the years, there have been many video game movie adaptations with many of them failing to succeed.  However, the next video game adaptation looks to have more of a chance, mainly because it’s based on a book.  

Unknown to many casual gamers, the Witcher was based on a series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski.  The movie series will look to pull from these books, as well as the games, to create a new movie franchise. 

However, what many Witcher fans may groan about is that the developer of the Witcher Video Game Series, CD Projekt RED, doesn’t look to have any ties to this film.  However, that isn’t to say it won’t follow the series.  In fact, all the same characters will be in this adaptation, including the main character Geralt of Rivia.

Already tabbed as director is Oscar Nominee for Best Animated Short Film, Tomasz Baginksi. Writing the script is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Grimm series alum Thania St. John.  There is no word on who will be playing the characters but as that news comes, you’ll find out right away on

We do know that the release date is set for 2017.

I really hope this turns out to be a great franchise.  I’m hoping that because it is based on a book that those same elements will make for a great film that will make the fans proud.  However, without CD Projekt RED’s involvement, it feels all too familiar that it could be just a Witcher movie by name alone.  I hope I’m wrong, though.

What do you think?