Things Get Gory in Latest Trailer for The Grudge

A terrifying new red band trailer for The Grudge has arrived showing off a whole bunch of bloody horror that awaits audiences.

This new trailer for the most part plays out as a single scene, with just a few glimpse of quick cut footage together at the end. Even so, it’s pretty damn terrifying:

Set in the same timeline as the Sarah Michelle Gellar-fronted 2004 remake of Takashi Shimizu’s Japanese horror hit Ju-On, The Grudge‘s latest preview sees the supernatural curse globe-trotting from Asia to America, where a man, Peter Spencer (John Cho), discovers a menacing entity haunting a secluded manor. His terrifying experience with a clogged bathtub (warning to all viewers: As Cho learns in the clip, do not stick your face near bubbling brown water inside a potentially haunted house) inspires a phone call a local detective named Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough).

Muldoon then mounts an investigation into bizarre happenings seemingly connected to the mysterious house, where an evil curse — said to manifest in spaces where a person has died in extreme anguish or rage — originates before unleashing a wave of terror (and more of the series’ signature, horrifying vocal fry) on her town.

The Grudge is scheduled to be released on January 3, 2020.