Third ‘Star Wars’ Robot Chicken episode dropping in December

I’m a big fan of Robot Chicken.  It’s a love/hate show, in that the majority of people who’ve seen the show really love it, or they absolutely hate it.  I think it’s genius and I’ve been enoying it since the first episode. 

The Star Wars specials in particular have been so fun and irreverent that even die-hard fans can’t help but laugh.  With the two previous specials garnering Emmy award nominations, it was inevitable that a third episode would soon follow. 

Via a press release they’ve announced that Adult Swim will be airing the new special December 12th 2010. Even better is the announcement that Billy Dee Williams, Ahmed Best, and Anthony Daniels will lend their voices back to their famous characters. Another shocker is that Zac Efron will voice Anakin Skywalker. 

At the very least it’ll be fun to watch (as always), and a good look at what Seth Green might be bringing to his new Star Wars cartoon show.