Third Tron Legacy trailer is the best so far

If it is possible, somehow this trailer has got me even more excited for this film. Unfortunately before, none of the trailers or footage really gave you a clue as to what the film was about.  If you dig around on the internet and find the official synopsis, you’ll obviously be able to understand what the movie’s about.  But for those who just enjoy seeing the trailers and footage, they haven’t been giving a whole lot.


This trailer changes that and delves further into the plot, while showcasing some bad ass new footage.  At last, fans who were unable to attend TRON Night 2010 (which I pity those who didn’t) get a really good look at the new Light Jets in action.



Overall, I say this trailer just upped the intensity for this film.  I honestly have a hard time picking out anything that I don’t really like.  The digitally enhanced Jeff Bridges (to make him look young) is holding up incredibly well, and you’d be having to look incredibly hard to find fault with it.  The special effects continue to look stunning, and the story is really sound fun.  All-in-all December 17th isn’t getting here fast enough.