This is Likely When The Deadpool Trailer Will Officially Release

If you’ve been following the SDCC exploits on social media, you’ve probably seen a bunch of people talking about how amazing the Deadpool trailer was.  By all accounts, it’s exactly what fans have been waiting for, while also promising something different for movie-goers in general.  Sadly, unlike Warner Bros. did with Batman v Superman, FOX didn’t release the trailer online.  Sure, bootleg versions have made their way online (much to the studio’s chagrin), but nothing official.  The good news, is that we won’t have to wait long: 



Ryan Reynolds posted this on his twitter (as he’s done with a lot of Deadpool things), pretty much announcing that fans the world over will get their chance at a trailer in 3 weeks.  If you’re not near a calendar, that lines up almost perfectly with the release of FOX’s Fantastic Four reboot from Josh Trank.  Something tells me that’s not a coincidence.  My guess is that a green band version of the trailer (which was pretty bloody and NSFW from what I hear) will be attached to the film, and of course, released online.  

As for the SDCC trailer, there’s no telling if it’ll be the same one released online or not.  Either way, if you weren’t at the convention and are dying to see the first footage from Deadpool, have patience…it’s coming.  Deadpool is set to hit theaters on February 12, 2016


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