[Update] Thor 2 is Coming July 26, 2013; Director Kenneth Branagh Isn’t Returning

Yup, not much to say about this; Marvel is prepping a sequel to Thor, and director Kennath Branagh won’t be returning.  Honestly, that’s all we know at this point.  Chris Hemsworth will be back (he’s contractually obligated to) and, if she’s included in the film, Natalie Portman would return as well.  So let’s see; we have a film with a lead, a possible female lead, and a release date.  No writer or director yet, but who needs those guys?  Still, if Marvel hopes to have this out by 2013, they better hurry up and find a replacement.  Oh, and get cracking on a script.  That too is important.

Thor 2 is being released on July 13, a week after Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi epic starring Tom Cruise, Oblivion. Other than that, the dates relatively clear.  It will also be the second Marvel movie to be released in 2013, predated by Iron Man 3, which hits theaters on May 3.  And yes, this will mean we will see Thor in a movie three times in a row (Thor, The Avengers, Thor 2).  Don’t you love franchises?