Thor: Love and Thunder Brings Natalie Portman Back as THOR!

Marvel is continuing to bring the goods with the formal announcement of the fourth Thor movie which will change up things pretty significantly!

I’m having to stand up while I type this as I’m so damn excited and pumped up…I can’t sit still. Taika Waititi took the stage at Marvel’s Hall H panel to formally announce Thor: Love and Thunder.

The film arrives on November 5, 2021 and sees Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson return. Tessa’s Valkyrie is still King of the Asgards and her first order of business is “finding her Queen.”

The AMAZING thing however, is that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returns and will take on the role of Thor this time around (as she did in the comics)!!! There’s still plenty more info coming, but this is one of the most exciting reveals of the night for me. What do you think?