Movie Trailer 2nd Opinion: Thor Trailer Makes Thunderous Appearance

Way back during Comic-Con, Marvel did unveil the first moving glimpses of our lord Thor in action. Forthwith, that footage was leaked onto the internet for all of Midgard to enjoy faster than you could pronounce Mjolnir. And all was good.


Then, tragedy struck! While our one-eyed king Odin slumbered in his Odinsleep, Frost Giants from Niflheim removed the footage from the internet! Bare were the links and web-browsers that once housed this treasured footage worthy of the halls of Valhalla itself! Distraught were the children of the Nine Realms!


But, fear not. Now the Odinsleep has ended and all has been made right. The Frost Giants have been apprehended, their bodies fastened to the rock of the deepest cave, a snake fastened atop each of their foreheads, and searing venom shall drip into their open, swollen eyes until the last day which is Ragnarok.


Rejoice! The footage has been restored to its rightful place here on Midgard. Behold: