Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, and More on Directors Shortlist for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’

As you can tell from the first paragraph, I was not a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I felt it lacked the passion and pure thrills that the first three had, and was a weaker film for it.  In essence, everything just felt WRONG.  In my opinion, I blame director Rob Marshall for the problems.  While I know it was a “group effort” and not even Johnny Depp did as good a job as he usually does, Marshall just isn’t an action movie director, and that became easily the weakest aspect of the film. But hopefully Disney is listening to fan complaints, and will hire a much more capable director this time around.

Jack Sparrow

Although they hope director Rob Marshall will return, Disney has set up a contingency plan just in case he decides not to.  Personally, I say we cross our fingers.  Especially considering the list of directors they have to fill his spot.  Cinema Blend reports that Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Alfonso Cuaron, Chris Weitz, and Shawn Levy make up the list of possible replacements for Rob Marshall.  Disney sent out an offer for Marshall to come back in January, but he has yet to sign on.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

Because, on the whole, this is a pretty impressive list.  Of course, this is just a “dream” list, and chances are none of them will take the position.  But, according to Cinema Blend, Disney is vying hard for Tim Burton.  No surprise really; the man’s made them over a billion dollars from just Alice in Wonderland alone, and is quite popular with audiences no a days.  And apparently, him and Johnny Depp get along.

Jack and Will

Honestly though, Tim Burton would not make me super excited about this film.  While anything’s better than Marshall, and Burton would definitely nail the style, I’m not sure his overall tone in his other movies would jive well with this film.  He has a very distinct mood, and I’m not sure it would fit in with a Pirates of the Caribbean type atmosphere.

If I was to choose, I would say Cuaron or Raimi.  Raimi has proven his action chops with Spider-Man, and almost all his movies have a sense of humor that Pirates has.  Cuaron would do a great job with the style, and the action he’s done in his films so far show promise.  As for Weitz and Levy, they seem like easy choices, and don’t have much of a style all to their own.  Still, if Real Steel is good, Levy might be a good pick.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Disney intends to do.