Tim Miller Developing a Kitty Pryde Film At 20th Century Fox

This news may come as a shock to casual viewers of the X-Men franchise at 20th Century Fox for a couple of reasons.  First, Ellen Page‘s portrayal of the character has always been fun to watch and interesting, but she hardly seemed the type to get her own movie.  Then there is the whole $52.4 billion elephant in the room.  You know, that deal between Disney and Fox to buy all of Fox’s entertainment assets.  Why would a Fox greenlight any more Marvel-Mutant movies when Disney could just outright nix it upon completion of the transaction?

Well Dave Trumbore of Collider, who broke the story, says that Fox isn’t simply going to sit on their hands while they wait for the transaction to process.  Instead, they’ll keep developing until all the assets move over to the Happiest Place on Earth, where the Mouse would handle it from there.  He does emphasize that while the movie is most certainly in development, it may never see the light of day for a few reasons.

  • Tim Miller is working on a Sonic the Hedgehog film for Paramount and the next Terminator film, set for 2019
  • The review of the Disney/Fox merger could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months, so by the time the film is ready for production, Disney could either cut it if the merger is successful or Fox could cut it in a compromise with Disney if the merger is unsuccessful.

That may seem like a glass half empty approach, but there are a lot of ebbs and waves with a transaction of this caliber.  Kitty Pryde isn’t the first and won’t be the last movie in this cinematic purgatory while this merger is processing.

Nevertheless, Miller & co. are moving forward as if this film will indeed be created and for that we should get excited for.  I started out this article talking about how the character we’ve seen in films doesn’t seem worthy of having a solo film, an opinion I stand behind despite my love of Ellen Page’s work.  However, the off-screen Kitty Pryde, the one found in comics, has a surprisingly rich history to pull from.  As Trumbore writes, there are stories of her origin (which we’ve seen), her time with the New Mutants, going on adventures with the alien dragon Lockheed, being possessed by a ninja demon that gives her martial arts skills, marrying Peter Quill and assuming the Star-Lord moniker, etc.  While the last one will most assuredly not happen, there are still quite a few stories to choose from for this solo film.

That’s IF this film ever actually gets produced.  Stay tuned…