‘Titanic 3D’ confirmed for April 2012

Yesterday, Gloria Stuart (the older lady from Titanic who tells the pivotal story) celebrated her 100th birthday.  It’s quite a feat and the fiesty old gal is still filled with laughter and creativity.  A bevy of people were present to help her celebrate, including James Cameron. 


Cameron spoke highly of Stuart at the party and practically sang her praises to the press (she did after all introduce him to his current wife of 10 years), but during an interview he let slip some news, many fans would find very interesting.  It looks like Cameron is preparing the 3D version of Titanic to hit theaters in April 2012.

Since the success of Avatar and it’s technological advances, Cameron has made no secret of his desire to convert his previous film to the format.  While rumors have been running rampant he’s been reluctant to release any other news outside of “[He’s] working on it.”  April 2012 seems like the perfect date however, as that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the massive passenger ship’s maiden – and final – voyage.

I’m interested to see how well Cameron can do this one.  Films this past year have been notorious for their terrible 3D conversions after the film has already been shot (Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland).  Since Cameron has set the bar pretty high for the standard of 3D I’m hoping he can pull off a good looking transfer that feels more immersive than ‘tacked on’.  Let’s face it, the better he can do with it, the better the inevitable Star Wars 3D will be…and that’s the important one!