‘Titanic II’ is real and even has a trailer

Well it’s not really a sequel to James Cameron’s masterpiece, but it’s a story about another Titanic.  If it sounds ridiculous, then you’re absolutely right.  But what more can you expect from a company that brought us films like: Snakes on a Train, 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and War of the Worlds 2. 

These people have no shame, and no obvious talent, but they’re at it again with Titanic 2.  Of course, the idea of a sequel to Titanic has always been something of a running joke in the industry.  Meant to poke fun at Hollywood’s lack of creativity and capitalization on franchises, no one ever expected this movie to actually be made. 

Shane Van Dyke (Dick Van Dyke’s son) is the writer and director for this film.  The trailer for this movie has hit the net, and it’s filled with as much cheesiness as you would expect.  Seriously, these make Syfy movies look good by comparison.