The 5 Things TMP is Looking Forward to the Most at SDCC 2011

I will be attending the event all three days, not including preview night. I will be catching all the film panels I can, in addition to the film screening popping up throughout the week. In addition, I will be taking plenty of pictures on the show floor, and releasing them right here on TMP and on my Twitter here. There’s so much to look forward to, but a certain few rise above the rest. In no particular, here’s the five things I’m looking forward to most at the big show:

Cowboys and Aliens Premiere

The Multiple Film Screenings Outside of the Event

Comic Con is known for its numerous (and its sometimes secretive) screenings outside of the Convention Center, and this year is no difference. Multiple films already have screenings announced, including Attack the Block, Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America, and 30 Minutes or Less. And who knows what else! Seeing a new trailer or a couple of clips is always cool. But you know what’s cooler? Seeing a whole movie,

Comic Con

The Sony Panel

Of all the studios bringing stuff to the convention, Sony seems to be the clear winner. Between Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, 30 Minutes or Less, Total Recall, and The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony has plenty to offer film fans at this years convention. Let’s just hope I get it…I imagine it will be pretty packed on Friday.


Seeing Something from Prometheus

Of all the films coming out next year, I’m most curious about Prometheus. First called an Alienprequel, then not, then becoming one again, Prometheus has gone through quite a strange development process. But Ridley Scott’s first science fiction project in over 25 years is sure to make a splash at this year convention, where it will have some footage shown during Fox’s panel on Thursday.

Comic Con 2011

All the Surprises in Store

One of the greatest things about Comic Con is the stuff that we don’t even know about. Take for instance Comic Con 2008, where the trailer for Tron: Legacy premiered. Or Comic Con 2010, with the secret Scott Pilgrim vs. the World screening. Being surprised feels pretty awesome, and Comic Con seems pretty good at making us feel awesome. And I’m saying it now; The Dark Knight Rises will be at the show in some capacity. No matter what anyone says, I’m keeping that hope up.

Comic Con

Getting to Know My Fellow Geek

I’ve never been to a convention quite the scale of Comic Con. Yes, the footage sounds cool and the screenings sound awesome. But what I’m really excited for is being around my own…kind, shall we say? The person who can get into a 2 hour discussion about Star Wars and not feel bad about it. The one who stays in line for 6 hours just to see Nathan Fillion on stage. My fellow geek, is what I mean. Its going to be an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to see it. Also, if I find even ONE person who reads TMP on a consist basis, I think I’ll freak the hell out.

Comic Con

So there you have, only five of the many things I’m looking forward to at this years Comic Con. Don’t forget to follow me or TheMoviePool on Twitter for all the Comic Con tweets you can handle, and check back here at our special Comic Con portal for even more news, impressions, diaries, pictures, and more!