TMP: TRON Night 2010 Limited Edition poster giveaway!

I was so excited when I saw them handing out the posters, because I knew it was an opportunity to get you guys something special.  I managed to nab 4 extra ones for you guys, as well as a few of the smaller postcard type ads they had there as well.


Tron Night Limited Edition Poster


The Limited Edition poster is pretty much identical to the theatrical poster for the film.  The only differences being that is says Limited Edition on it, mentions TRON Night 2010 on the bottom, and is a tad smaller.  Either way it’s a fun poster, and the only other way to have gotten one, would have been to be at the event with the VIP passes.


Like I said, I’ve got four of these bad boys all rolled up and sitting safely inside cardboard tubes ready to ship out.  So what do you have to do to get them?  Simple.


1) Be a registered member of the site.

2) Join our Movie Buffs group.




1) ‘Like’ our Facebook Page

2) Post a comment on our wall


And that’s it.  Contest ends two weeks from today, and the winners will be contacted via email in order to get mailing information.  Well….what are you waiting for!