Todd Phillips Working on Joker Sequel

Warner Bros. is working on developing a sequel to Joker, which would bring back director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix for more villainous adventures. 

Despite adamantly telling people time and time again that Joker would be a standalone film with no sequel, a Billion dollar box office has changed things. Being the first R-rated film to hit the box office milestone has a way of changing people’s minds and apparently Todd Phillips is coming back to direct a sequel.

The report comes from THR, who says Phillips came to the project after going to WB head, Toby Emmerich, with hopes to develop more DC films in the same manner as Joker; standalone origin stories. From the sounds of it, Phillips was given the chance to make a Joker sequel (which will bring back Scott Silver to co-write the script). From there, perhaps Phillips will get his wish to explore other iconic DC villains.

Apparently Joaquin Phoenix already had a sequel built into his contract and is expected to return as the Clown Prince of Crime, but I’m curious to see where a sequel would even go. Obviously it won’t be a Batman film (Matt Reeves is already handling the next caped crusader), so who knows. Honestly, I’d be all for a “mob war” style film where Joker has to contend with other iconic Gotham villains.

Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to see where it goes next. What do you hope to see out of a Joker sequel?