Toei Animation Announces New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie in 2022

This weekend, anime fans are celebrating one of the most iconic characters in anime history, Dragon Ball‘s Goku. To celebrate Goku Day, Toei Animation and the legendary creator of the series Akira Toriyama announced a new Dragon Ball Super film to release in 2022.

Toriyama released an official statement detailing his heavy involvement in the film:

The upcoming 2022 Dragon Ball Super film will be the second film to release for the Dragon Ball Super series. The first, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, released in December 2018 in Japan and earned $120 million worldwide. It was easily Funimation‘s biggest U.S. box office opening in 2019.

While Toriyama was understandably coy on the details regarding this new Dragon Ball Super film, it’s exciting to have a new one on the way to continue the story, nonetheless. The last time we saw Goku & co., they had just won the Tournament of Power. It’ll be interesting to see if this will be a standalone film, like most Dragon Ball films, or if it will feature a continuation of the story in some form.

The next Dragon Ball Super film will release in 2022.