Tom Hardy Will Be Playing Sam Fisher (Probably) in the Splinter Cell Movie

First the writer thing.  As first reported by Collider, the Splinter Cell movie is now set to be written by Eric Singer, who previously wrote the Clive Owen actioneer The International.  On the castin side of things, however, things are for more interesting.  Tom Hardy, famous for his role in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, is officially on board to star in the video game adaptation.  And although it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not he would be playing the lead of the game series Sam Fisher…one could easily assume this.

Honestly, this casting is fine by me.  Well I’m far from a Splinter Cell fan, they’re entertaining games, and I love Tom Hardy.  Who knows, this could be a great video game adapatation.  And if you can say ANYTHING about Ubisoft, it’s that they’re at least trying to push good video game movies.  What with this and their Assassin’s Creed project over at Fox, things are starting to look much brighter for video game adaptations.  And thank god for that.

Right now there’s no director attached to Splinter Cell but, at the rate things are going, expect one to be hired any day now.  We’ll keep you posted.