Tom Holland Cast As Young Nathan Drake in Uncharted Re-Write

A report from Deadline, has surfaced stating that Spider-Man Homecoming star, Tom Holland will be playing Nathan Drake in Sony Pictures‘ film adaptation of the monumentally successful Uncharted franchise.  The news will come as a shock to many who thought they’d be seeing the adult character, like in the video games.  However, it seems as though there has been a change of plans that come from all the way to the top.

According to sources within the report, the epiphony came during a recent screening of this summer’s Spider-Man film.  Sony Pictures Chief, Tom Rothman, was so inspired by Holland’s performance that he decided to build another franchise around the 20-year old.

Shawn Levy is already signed on to direct the movie based on the Naughty Dog game.  He is said to be taking inspiration for the prequel from Uncharted 3, where we first saw young Nathan in Brazil meeting veteran thief Sully (Sullivan) for the first time.

Now, Sony Pictures must go back to the drawing board, hire another writer, and get a script put together.  Then, they can finally move forward with the project.

Despite finally having one of the things they’ve been missing, a lead, the idea to transition to a prequel seems like an odd choice.  Sure, most casual movie-goers who haven’t played the game won’t know the difference, but die-hard fans will.  Some may cheer for an original story since most video game movies don’t tend to work, but others may not be happy with the idea of watching an origin story as their first cinematic introduction to the character we’ve all come to love.

What are your thoughts on the casting and the re-direct?