‘Transformers 3′ set pics show Optimus’ trailer

Many fans were hoping to see Optimus Prime’s trailer at least make an appearance in the first film (no one really expected to see it in action so soon).  By the second film, with Devastator in action plenty of fans were positive the trailer had to be in there so Optimus would have a fighting chance.  It’s absence was just one of many disappointments of that film.

At last, on the third and final (well at least for Michael Bay) Transformers movie Optimus Prime will get his transforming trailer that makes him even more bad-ass.  These pictures from the set confirm it will be in the movie, but of course no one knows in what way.  For me this also begs the question of what other baddies will be in the film that will require it’s use (Tidal Wave please!).

Optimus Prime movie trailer

Transformers 3 set pics

Transformers 3 Hot Rod

Could this be another fan favorite; Hot Rod?

Hopefully this film gives fans what they’ve all been wanting, and will wash the sour taste of Revenge of the Fallen from our mouths.