Transformers 4 May Not Have a Script or Cast, But it Has a Composer and a Teaser Poster!

When Dark of the Moon hit theaters last year and made about a jillion dollars, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before Paramount shat out created another entry in the mega hit franchise.  At the time, we had no idea what it would be about, but now…well, we know about the same.  There’s no cast, no rumored plot—hell, no one has even begun to write the script!  But that’s not stopping Paramount in advertising the film, for a promotional poster has just hit the Internet via Cine1.  Check it out in all its non-descripte glory below:

Transformers4 PromoPoster 

So yeah, this poster makes it pretty evident that, believe it or not, Optimus Prime will be in the film.  Also, he really likes flames.  Like, a lot.  One thing of note, though; I love how the “Evil Will Burn” tagline is almost a blatant ripoff of “A Fire Will Rise.”  Screw you, Batman, Transformers can have fun with fire too!

Michael Bay will be returning for his “last entry” in the franchise (yeah, sure), and is also bringing along Steven Jablonsky to compose the film.  Jablonsky scored the previous three films, so his involvement in the fourquel really shouldn’t be a surprise. But hey, if you were worried that we wouldn’t be able to here the same freaking theme song altered about a thousand times during the course of two and a half hours, you can rest easily!  

It shouldn’t be too long before we hear more about this film since, y’know, it comes out in about two years.  And at least a year and a half of that will be Michael Bay trying to find a hot new actress to wash his car for him.  And yes, that’s a euphemism for something.  For what, I don’t even want to imagine.