‘True Grit’ teaser trailer finally unveiled, sets a new standard for “epic”

What else can you say about the Coen Brothers?  They’re two of the best directors of all time, have created near perfect movies, and have inspired thousands of film fans to pursue there dream and make films.  Also, they freed Mars and gave birth to modern medicine.  And now, their new movie has a trailer and, surprise surprise, everyone goes INSANE.
To be fair, this is a much more interesting project then most of the other Coen Brothers films released in the last couple years.  It’s their first “true” Western (that is unless you count No Country for Old Men, which you certainly could), and it reunites the two with Jeff Bridges, who anchored their 1998 film, The Big Lebowski. That one’s my favorite Coen Bros. film, and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.  In addition, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are in it too.  They’re not bad actors, I guess.

Let me just say, this trailer is wonderful.  That’s the only word I can use to describe it. The music is brilliant, the acting looks promising, the editing is near perfect, and pretty much everything about this trailer screams perfection.  This will go down as one of the best trailers of the year, and, hopefully, the film will follow suit.  With the Coen Brothers behind it, I expect it will.
True Grit is a remake of the 1969 film of the same name, which earned John Wayne an Academy Award for Best Actor.  Taking John Wayne’s place in the remake is Jeff Bridges, who stars as Marshall “Rooster” Cogburn, a hit man who’s hired by  Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfield in her film debut) to off the man who killed her father.  Sounds like Christmas.
True Grit will hit theaters on Saturday, December 25.