5 Characters Who Could Appear On DC’s Team-Up Spinoff

DC continues to increase and enlarge and improve their TV universe. With the success of Arrow, the Flash and the unconnected Gotham (Sadly, Constantine hasn’t been as successful) DC is becoming the dominant comic company on television. Adding to that lineup is the planned Supergirl show, and now a rumored “superhero team-up” spinoff series, which will feature characters from the Flash and Arrow. According to Deadline, this series will be overseen by Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kresiberg and Marc Guggenheim. The details of the show are vague but it may be a sort of ‘Brave & the Bold’ rotating team up. The Atom (Brandon Routh) and Firestorm (Victor Gerber/Robbie Amell) are scheduled to appear, as is Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold.

The other interesting bit of news is that there will be three new characters, never before seen on either show. But who will they be? Who are the likely characters that will appear as part of the team-up show? Let’s look at the probable suspects.


Elongated Man: Ralph Dibny has already been name-dropped in the Flash episode “Power Outage” as one of the people who vanished during the particle accelerator malfunction (along with Nuklon, Fire and Amazing Man) and the character of the Elongated Man has had a long term connection to the Flash as a close friend and ally. Ralph’s detective skills and Barry’s forensic abilities gel well together, and his humor is a nice foil for the more earnest Flash. Also, a guy with stretchy powers coming to TV could be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic who will be appearing soon in the Fantastic Four film, just as Atom’s arrival is probably the DC way of poking at Ant-Man. 


Hourman: A while back, DC announced plans for a Rex Tyler/Hourman series. Those plans seemed to have faded into the ether, but whatever plans they had for the character can still be worked into the new show. DC must have seen some potential in the character and had some concept planned that they felt could be series-worthy when they were working on ideas for the show, and they might as well utilize all that creative work in the new show. Hourman also has a simple set of powers that aren’t expensive to create, which would be a financial benefit for the show because you can’t have too many Firestorms using up the show’s budget.


Metamorpho: In a season two episode of Arrow, there was a truck that had the logo “Metamorpho Chemicals” printed on the side. That could have been just an insider joke, or it could be a tease that DC has some plans to bring Rex Mason, AKA Metamorpho to TV. Metamorpho’s nemesis Simon Stagg was killed earlier this season. Metamorpho has a unique power set, and while it might be expensive to do on TV, having him on a show with rotating heroes means he’ll only show up sporadically, which will be a mercy for the show’s bottom line.


Green Lantern: In a previous article, we talked about the possibility that Arrow sidekick John Diggle might become the new Green Lantern, as a surrogate Jon Stewart. Some people might think that having such a powerful character on the more realistic Arrow series might not fit in well. This spin-off series could the answer. Dig could use the non-Arrow, meta-human oriented spin-off to show off the potential of his power ring without overshadowing Oliver Queen.

1-The Question

The Question: Arrow is a show that likes to feature non-super-powered heroes, and since this new show will have the same creative overseers, we can expect some non-metas to show up. Since it’s unlikely that any Bat related heroes will be used, one of the most interesting man-in-a-mask DC characters is the Question. Vic Sage, AKA the Question, has deductive skills that could be a nice counterpoint to guys with nuclear energy and power rings. As long as DC sticks to the pre-52 Vic Sage version, he could be a good addition to the cast.