8 Products to Prepare You for Game of Thrones’ Final Season

Game of Thrones tie-in products are nothing new, especially considering the popularity of the series. It’s been a year, however, since the previous season left us on the precipice of war AND it’s the shows final season which means more stuff is here to help you celebrate. Whether you’re looking to throw a GoT themed premiere party, or just want to immerse yourself in all the Thrones goodness before the new episode drops, here are some cool things you can jump into:  

GOT Drink

Johnnie Walker – White Walker Whiskey

I honestly didn’t hear about this until it had already launched and I was able to run to my local liquor store the same day I saw an ad for it on Twitter and find it on the shelf. This limited edition whiskey from Johnnie Walker has a fun take on the brand’s logo, turning him into the Night King, which also reveals some hidden text once you put it in the freezer. And yes, this is meant to be kept cold and the taste is ridiculously smooth. If you’re “of age” and looking for a smooth beverage while watching the show, you can’t go wrong with this.


Game of Thrones Beer

Not a whiskey/liquor fan? That’s okay, as the special Game of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang continues to roll out. While you can still try and snag some of their previous releases, their newest golden ale, For The Throne, launches this week.

For the Throne pours a striking golden copper with a fluffy white head. Aromas of honeysuckle and toasted grain mingle with notes of pear and apricot. Flavors of sweet malt and honeydew lead to a quaffable body that belies the elevated alcohol. The finish is clean and dry, with vibrant effervescence.

GOT Tervis

Tervis Products

Of course, what good are themed drinks if you don’t have anything to drink out of? In this, Tervis has you covered. They recently released a new line of Game of Thrones products including stainless steel tumblers (in a couple sizes) and plastic travel mugs.

They were kind enough to send three of them my way to check out and they are ridiculously cool. Tervis always has great products that keeps your liquid at the right temperature, but the designs themselves are swanky. They are definitely GoT themed, but aren’t over the top and can blend in easily no matter where you take them. So you can let your fandom show, without seeming gaudy about it. These are available now, and their site has a few different designs to choose from!

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming castle

Winter Is Coming – Browser Game

Launched just the other week, Winter is Coming is a brand new strategy/building game you can play directly from your browser for free. I haven’t had the chance to play it a whole lot past the tutorial stage, but it feels very similar to your typical mobile game kingdom builders, than an actual RTS game. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, and it allows you to interact with some of the iconic characters from the show, while forging your own path, but it may not be exactly what you were hoping for. Still, for a free game, it looks impressive and is a great way to kill some time while you wait for the show’s return.

GOT Catan

Game of Thrones: Catan

Video games aren’t your style, or just looking for something you can play with friends while you wait for the show to come on? Then you may want to pick up the (fairly new) Game of Thrones version of the Settlers of Catan tabletop game. Whether you’re brand new to Catan or a veteran player, the Game of Thrones version has something to offer everyone:

The Brothers of the Night’s Watch recognize you as a natural leader as you struggle for promotion within their ranks. You hope to gain recognition by improving infrastructure in the area south of the Wall known as the Gift. Drawing sustenance from this unforgiving landscape offers enough challenges, but you must also man and defend the Wall against the onslaught of Wildlings fighting their way into Westeros to escape the horrors that awaken in the North. Build, defend, and rise above your brothers to become the new Lord Commander. But be wary—the north holds many dangers, and winter is coming.

GOT Art CLP 03292019

Urban Decay Makeup

Just the other day, makeup company Urban Decay announced a new collaboration with HBO for a variety of Game of Thrones themed collections (including brushes shaped like the swords!). It’s a nifty collection for collectors and those who wish to evoke the look of their favorite characters while seeing the ultimate battle for the Throne…

Use this arsenal of 20 eyeshadow shades to declare your allegiance to House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark, or to defeat the White Walkers. From the shores of Dragonstone to the frozen lands beyond the Wall, this eyeshadow palette was inspired by our favorite places in Westeros and the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms.

These will launch on April 14th (when the series does), but you can get a look at all they’ll be releasing over on the site ahead of time.

Thrones Plush

Direwolf Plush Set

Of course, one of the easiest ways to prepare for new Game of Thrones, are cool collectibles. While there are plenty of action figures, statues, and replicas around to pick up the series isn’t exactly known for soft and cuddly stuff…Which is why this Target exclusive set of Direwolves is so cool.

The $74 set includes all six direwolf pups from the first season in one box. Let’s just hope these plush versions have a better time of it than the ones in the show. You can pick them up from Target or snag them on their website. The product page has been up and down as stock goes, so if it’s not showing for you, check back on it in a bit (or call your local store).  

GOT Fire and Blood

Fire & Blood

Personally speaking, the easiest way for me to get pumped up for new releases are to read everything related to it. While reading (or re-reading) the books by George R.R. Martin can be a daunting task in any given timeframe, his newest book release, Fire & Blood, might be exactly what you need.

The book launched just ahead of the Holidays last year and seeks to provide a fairly comprehensive history of Westeros from the time the first Targaryen conquered the Seven Kingdoms. Told from the perspective of an in-world scholar, the book is part history book and story all on its own, and features a plethora of new illustrations and characters that dive you deeper into the fictional world than ever before.

While it can be a bit lengthy, I love it’s “history book” approach in that it has several built-in stopping points that make it easy to read a few things, set it down for other stuff, and come back to it without feeling lost. If you’re interested in the lore and history that seems so important to everyone in the show, it’s definitely worth picking up.

No matter if you’re celebrating with friends, or just want to prepare for the final Game of Thrones season on your own, I think these things above will absolutely help you get the job done. By no means is this comprehensive (I mean, ThinkGeek and HBO both have a BUNCH of cool stuff for sale), but these are the more recent releases that I think are worth checking out. How will you prepare FOR THE THRONE?