Arrow Casts Mr. Terrific For Season 4

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Actor Echo Kellum will be talking on the role of Michael Holt on the new season of Arrow.  Supposedly he’ll be working for Palmer Industries working for Felicity. If you’ve never heard of the character I would recommend you do some light reading on him. Michael Holt is an Olympic level athlete with 14 Ph.D’s and having a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes. Echo Kellum is an actor and comedian who was previously in the sitcom Ben and Kate.

Michael Holt

The actor from his Twitter said “Every since I was a young Blerd, I’ve always dreamed of playing a super hero. Let’s go Mr. Terrific!!” This one is getting me excited for the new season and it’s said he will have a recurring role. Now there’s just a matter of which costume he’s going to wear. I’m hoping for his first appearance look. Arrow returns Oct. 7th.