Most people will agree that the 2004-2009 revamp of Battlestar Galactica was one of the best science fiction TV series in recent years and the most acclaimed series ever on the Syfy Channel.  The popularity of that series led to a prequel in 2010 called Caprica. After Caprica ended its short run, rumors of another project that would explore the Galactica universe bounced around for two years. In 2010, the Syfy Channel commissioned a two hour made -for-TV film called Blood & Chrome about the adventures of young William Adama (Luke Pasqualino) during the first Cylon War. It was implied that the film would work as a pilot for a possible weekly series.  Last year the Syfy executives saw a rough cut of the film but made no firm commitment as to whether or not it would air.

It is only recently that Syfy announced that the film would be released on Machinima’s Youtube Channel in serialized form as a web series. The episodes will be broken into 7-12 minute segments. The current plan is for the whole film to be run later in its entirety, at an unspecified date, on the Syfy Channel. The leaked trailer for the film got 100,000 views in one day, before it was removed from Youtube. In the meantime, the network isn’t devoting any resources to plug the project. They don’t seem very keen on it.

Why does Syfy feel that Blood & Chrome is undeserving of a network showing? Is there something wrong with the film itself, or does it just not fit in with the Syfy network’s new, lite-hearted lineup of reality shows about ghost and UFOs hunters, and WWE Smackdown. With the current lack of serious, adult science fiction on television, it seems a shame not to give Blood & Chrome a proper network showing. Hopefully the word of mouth will be strong enough for the Youtube showings that Syfy might decide to give a new BSG series a try.  

Blood & Chrome will begin airing on Youtube on Friday November 9th.