Begun The Wednesday Night War Has

Forget the Monday Night Wars! It is time for the Wednesday Night Wars!

From September 4th1995 until March 26th2001, The WWE, then WWF, and the WCW waged war on each other. A ratings war for Monday Night Pro Wrestling supremacy. For the majority of that war it was thought That WCW was going to win out, until WWE made their epic comeback and ended the wars by buying out WCW. Since then they have pretty much set up shop on top of the mountain of Pro Wrestling as the king. However, this fall it looks like they finally have a contender who is set for challenge them.

All Elite Wrestling, or AEW is the newest promotion on the block, and is set to premier this October on Wednesday the 2nd on TNT. And whether it was planned beforehand, or a response to AEW it is unclear, but the WWE has made the announcement that starting Wednesday September 18th, their developmental brand NXT will be moving from the WWE Network, to USA, and will now become a two hour show.


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BREAKING: Starting Sept. 18, @wwenxt will air LIVE as a two-hour weekly show every Wednesday on @usa_network!

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The plan seems to be to have NXT no longer just be the developmental school of WWE, but a full fledge brand itself alongside of WWE Raw, and SMACKDOWN Live! Does this mean they will no longer broadcast on the WWE Network? That part is unclear. And rumors suggest that Vince McMahon himself will be taking more of role in program development. Until now NXT has been the baby of Triple H. What McMahon’s backstage involvement will do to NXT is frightening if you ask me. NXT has been a premier show because of its diverse feel from the rest of WWE. If it falls into the same tropes as the rest of WWE programming it might lose it’s charm.

Only time will tell what is instore for NXT, and AEW as they begin to go head to head on Wednesday nights. One thing is clear however, it is a great time to be a wrestling fan again.