Behold the Mind-Blowing Full Trailer for Season 2 of ‘Altered Carbon’

With the season premiere weeks away, Netflix has released the full trailer for season 2 of Altered Carbon.

If you weren’t already excited by the reveal of a release date for season 2 of Altered Carbon, or the recently released teaser trailer, then the full trailer should absolutely do the trick. It lays out the basic premise of the season and promises plenty of intrigue and conflict to come for the re-sleeved Takeshi Kovacs (now being portrayed by Anthony Mackie).

I was already excited for more Altered Carbon, but this trailer really pushed the excitement to another level for me. It concisely lays out that things are different this season. We’re no longer on Earth, we’re now back on Harlan’s World, the planet that Takeshi lived on before the events of season 1. And Takeshi’s body has seen some significant upgrades, something that will definitely make the events of season 2 very interesting.

Enjoy the full trailer for season 2 of Altered Carbon and don’t forget that the season premiere is on February 27, 2020.