Black Panther and Creed Composer Joins The Mandalorian

The more we hear about Disney+’s The Mandalorian, the more awesome it sounds. From a stellar line-up of directors, to an impressive cast, Lucasfilm doesn’t seem to be holding back when it comes to their first Star Wars live action series. Now, they’ve revealed the composer who will be scoring the series, Ludwig Göransson.

If the name isn’t instantly familiar, the music/soundtracks he’s done likely are. He’s the composer for Creed, Creed II, Venom, and Black Panther. Needless to say, he’s dabbled in epic soundtracks before. Here’s what Ludwig had to say about the announcement: 

“Words fail to express how surreal and humbling it feels to be invited into the Star Wars universe,” Göransson said. “I am deeply grateful to Jon Favreau and Disney for this opportunity and to John Williams for raising the bar so high with his iconic, intrepid scores — they will never be matched. In these next months I hope to honor the tradition of Star Wars’ musical landscape while propelling The Mandalorian into new and unchartered territory. And I will try to remember that there is no try.”

One of the most defining aspects of Star Wars in general, is the soundtrack and Ludwig is joining a list of new composers under the Disney era to bring his own style to the iconic franchise. What do you think of Ludwig joining the crew of The Mandalorian