Channel Control: Darth Maul vs. Palpatine is All You Need in Latest Clone Wars Trailer

If you haven’t given The Clone Wars a chance yet, I implore you to do so.  The first season was rocky and tried to be way too kiddy, but it’s evolved quite a bit since then and provides an excellent Star Wars experience for all ages now.  The stories have become very engaging, and the characters are ones you want to follow.  To be honest, I’d go so far as to say The Clone Wars (especially the last two seasons) are far superior to all of the Prequel films.

But I’m not here to convince you.  Instead I’m going to let this bad ass trailer for season 5 do that.  If nothing else, it’s got footage of Darth Maul in a lightsaber battle with his former master.  If that’s not enough to get you excited or send geek chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

After watching this, I’m starting to wonder how much longer this show is going to run.  It’s starting to look like they’re leading towards the endgame (Revenge of the Sith) at a good pace.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  The new season of The Clone Wars starts at a new day and time (Saturday at 9:30am) on September 29th!