Comic Cover Hints That The Inhumans Will Be on Agents of SHIELD


Marvel fans know about the speculation recently about whether the current Agents of SHIELD storyline involving the aliens—officially revealed this week as the Kree—and the mysterious hidden city is leading to the a pre-film appearance (or at least a mention) of the Inhumans on the show. Well, the cover of this January’s Inhumans’ 50th Anniversary variant cover for the Uncanny Avengers #1 issue seems to be dropping a clue about whether or not the Inhumans are on the way.

On the cover of the upcoming issue, which features Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest of the Inhuman royal family, we see symbols on the ground which are almost identical to the shades and symbols used for the alien blueprints on Agents of SHIELD. Is this a hint about what we can expect to see on the TV series? We’re still over three years away from the release of the Inhumans film (Which is not cast yet) but it does seem that the stage is being set for a long, slow build-up to the appearance of the Attilan royal family in 2018.


This cover is done by artist Jose Ladronn, who has worked on the cover and interior art for the Inhumans series since 2000. The Issue will be released on January 28th, so you can see for yourself and compare.

Do you think the images in the comics are hinting that the Inhumans will be on Agents of SHIELD?