Constantine is Back … Kinda.

The short-lived Live Action Constantine series, that starred Matt Ryan as the lovable mystic Constantine, barely made it through its first season on NBC.  After its finale, NBC cancelled the series, despite numerous reports that the show would be revitalized on NBC Universal’s Syfy Network.  That didn’t happen, either.  Instead, Constantine would be picked up by the current “DC TV Network”, the CW.
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Now Matt Ryan returns as the character some say he was born to play.  However, it won’t be in live action.  Instead he will be lending his voice for an animated version of the show on the CW Seed. This isn’t the first DC animated show to be placed on CW Seed, either.  Constantine will join Vixen as the second show on their small lineup.

The series will consist of five to six 10 minute episodes. Much like Vixen, Constantine will take place within the Arrowverse which consists of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, & DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Fans of the Arrowverse will remember that Constantine has already made an appearance on Arrow, so there shouldn’t be a need for much introduction.

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When asked if there may be possible future live action appearances The CW President Mark Pedowitz said “there are no plans to,” but added that he’d love to have Ryan back.

Constantine will be brought to us by the men behind the Arrowverse  Executive producer, Greg Berlanti and writer, David S. Goyer. 

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While you’re waiting for the animated series to start, you can enjoy the live action series right now on CW seed.

The Arrowverse shows will return as follows:
Supergirl – Monday Jan. 23rd
The Flash – Tuesday Jan. 24th
DC’s Legend of Tomorrow – Tuesday Jan. 24th (new night)
Arrow – Wednesday Jan. 25th