Costa Ronin Cast as the Father of Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko on Agent Carter

Iron Man 2 was far from the best Marvel film, but regardless, the father of the villain from that movie will make an appearance in the soon-to-debut series Agent Carter. In the film, we briefly saw the ailing Anton Vanko at the start of the film, played by Yevgeni Lazrev. Ivan Vanko—AKA Whiplash—was portrayed by Mickey Rourke. As reported in, in the ABC show, a much younger poppa Vanko will be played by Costa Ronin. The film will explore the not-so-harmonious  history between the fathers of Ivan Vanko and Tony Stark.

In Iron Man 2, we learned from Anton on his deathbed that he and Tony’s father Howard co-created the arc reactor, which is a renewable energy source. However, Anton was deported to Siberia before the reveal of the invention, so Stark sr. got the sole credit. In the film, Anton gave son Ivan the old blue prints for the arc reactor, which Ivan used to become Whiplash and go after the surviving Stark family member, Tony.

Although the established MCU timeline indicates that Anton and Howard did not create the arc reactor until the 1960s, the Agent Carter series will probably delve into the early development of the technology, before the falling out between the two men.

Dominic Cooper is reprising his role from Captain America: the First Avenger, as Howard Stark. Agent Carter will begin its eight-episode run as a mid-season replacement series on Tuesday, January 6, at 9:00 (the slot currently occupied by Agents of SHIELD, which will be on Hiatus at the time.)