The Cousins of Steel Take Flight in New Supergirl Promo

Nothing has excited fans more then news of Woman of Steel moving over to the Berlanti Arrowverse on the CW. At least until the announcement that her super cousin, the Man of Steel was going to make is long awaited appearance on the show. We’ve had IM conversations, and blurry visions, and messages delivered from Jimmy Olsen from “Him”. But now, as the second season nears its debut on its new network we are oh so close.

Now to if it wasn’t enough that we are only a few weeks away the CW has teased us with a new promo. Giving us a glimpse into what Supergirl and all her fans have been dreaming about, the super team up of a life time. Something we have never seen in live action on the big screen. Not even when she had her own film back in 1984, to the new DCEU. And we got a little of them in Smallville, but not what we really wanted. But from the looks of this promo, it seems like the the wait has been worth it….

See? Pretty cool. Of coarse I am not the show’s biggest fan, I admit it has a lot of potential, but I believe the story was very weak in it’s initial season. I have high hopes for it’s debut on the CW, I hope somehow she is taken out of her world, and placed in the Earth inhabited by Arrow and Flash

Season 2 of Supergirl will debut on its new network, the CW on October 10. Melissa Benoist stars as Kara/Supergirl and Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin makes his first appearance as Superman.

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