CW Crossover Event full trailer is here


So we start out with the fact that the wedding of Iris and Barry is finally here. Happiness, love and some tears are shared all around, but being that this is the DC universe we have to have our curveball thrown in at some point. The curveball that we will get are the denizens Earth X.

New Reichsmen 0001

Earth X is a place where the Nazis won WWII and lets just say things are bad in this world. The superheroes we know now are part of a group called The New Reichsmen. In the comics this group consisted of Overman (Superman), Brunhilde (Wonder Woman), Leatherwing (Batman), Bltzen (Flash), Martian (Martian Manhunter) & Underwaterman (Aquaman). As far as the TV shows go, other than Flash, we might hear mention of these villains but I doubt we will see them. I do know that Supergirls’ Nazi counterpart will be named Overgirl and I’m not even going to guess what Green Arrow might be called.

The Earth X story line was revealed this year at SDCC, in the form of an animated series for CW Seed titled Freedom Fighters: The Ray. The Ray short can be viewed HERE and will be voiced by Russell Tovey who will also play the live action version of the Ray for the CW crossover event.


It also look s like Wentworth Miller will be here as Citizen Cold, which should be (according to him) his last appearance in the CW DCTV universe. I’m really sad that he’s just gonna be gone now. Miller as Captin Cold was one of the best characters in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but enough talk let’s check out this trailer!