CW Releases First Teaser Trailer to The Flash

While younger viewers appear to be excited about seeing the crimson speedster in live action, older viewers are enjoying this on a more cautious level. Back in 1990, CBS aired the first live-action version of TheFlash which lasted for one season. What most fans didn’t realize at the time was it was during an era when superheroes in both the Marvel and DC universes were not as popular as they are today nor is it going up against major competiting shows. The Flash was scheduled opposite The Cosby Show and The Simpsons (which was moved to Thursdays to go up against Cosby). This resulted in several time slot moves in hopes of finding an audience and unfortunately the opposite happened. Also, unlike the original version which had both a stereotypical comic book feel and a mix of 1950s and 1990s look strung together, this version is a little more down to earth (by comic book standards of course).

As most fans of Arrow know, this version will again have Barry Allen. However, Barry’s love interest in the comics will be included so depending on how long this stays on the air will determine if the writers might include her nephew Wally (aka the original Kid Flash) later on. Fans of the original 1990 series may enjoy the fact John Wesley Shipp (Berry Allen/Flash) from the original series has signed on as a main character.

Nothing confirmed if Mark Hamill will be squeezing back in his tights to replay The Trickster.