Damon Lindelof In Talks To Create Watchmen TV Series on HBO

Who Watches The Watchmen?  Well the answer could soon be us, as sources are telling THR that a Watchmen TV series is in early development at HBO.  Currently, there are no deals in place but the word around the street is that this adaptation would be Executive Produced by acclaimed producer Damon Lindelof.

Lindelof, whose credentials include ABC‘s Lost, would be a smart pick to lead the project for HBO.  He recently finished up the 3rd, and final season, of another critically-acclaimed show on HBO, The Leftovers.  With that in mind and his reputation with premium cable channel being a positive one, it would only make sense to have him usher in a new age of The Watchmen.  Additionally, he’s also read the comics, as a kid, so he’s well-versed in the content.

As for Zack Snyder, who directed the film adaptation in 2009, is no longer attached to The Watchmen, despite that the fact that the rights are owned by Warner Bros. Television.  Although, it’s likely that Lindelof will have all of Snyder’s materials at his disposal, seeing as he is based at WB, as well.

Fans of Lindelof’s past works will know that most of his dramas are supernatural and ambiguous, with most fans leaving with more questions than answers.  This lends well to an adaptation of The Watchmen.  For those who have read the comics, there are lots of trippy moments that didn’t quite make it to the big screen that could find their way to Lindelof’s adaptation, if made.

For now, this is all the information we have.  As soon as a deal is in place and the series is greenlit we will have more for you here at Cinelinx.com.

The Watchmen was created by Alan Moore and first published in 1986.