Danny Cannon Brought on to Direct Gotham TV Pilot for Fox

Deadline broke the news later last night that Danny Cannon will helm the pilot episode of Gotham.  Cannon has directed pilots for the various CSI series (and produces those) as well as CW’s Nikita so he’s no stranger to big series with a large fan base.  Of course the DC Comics fan base is pretty damn large and many are eager to see what this show has to offer. 

The series is supposed to be a ‘prequel’ of sorts to the Batman mythos, taking place in a time before the caped crusader is around.  Gordon will be the central focus of the show and it’s been said that many iconic villains will be making appearances, and possibly even a young (think kid) Bruce Wayne.  

The real question on every fans’ mind, however, is whether or not this will tie into the greater DC Cinematic Universe.  We know the CW’s Arrow and Flash will not be a part of the shared universe they’re now establishing for the films, but DC has made it clear they’re working on tying in as much together as possible.  With this show being on a different channel, many have hoped that’s an indication that it could be part of (even though it’s a prequel) the cinematic world established by Man of Steel and it’s forthcoming sequel. 

Only time will tell!  What do you guys think will be the result?  And what about Cannon as a director?