Daredevil Netflix Series is Written to be Binge Watched

The way people watch television has changed. The days of waiting a week to watch your favorite show is starting to fall out of favor. People are more commonly developing newer viewing habits, such as ‘Binge Watching’ their shows all at once, over a day or two. This is causing some TV writers/producers to rethink the way they write their shows.

Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told Comic Book Resource that the planned Netflix Daredevil series will be written in a way where viewers will benefit from ‘binge watching’. Quesada says, “One of the advantages is really from the planning stage — obviously it’s much easier to work with a smaller number of episodes than it is with a larger number of episodes. We can sit there and look at 13 episodes and plan it out as a very large movie. It makes seeing the bigger picture a little bit easier. You can’t deny that there will be binge-viewing. You know that there are going to be some Marvel fans that when this show premieres, they are going to go on to Netflix, and they are going to sit there for 12 to 13-plus hours, and watch the entire thing all the way through… Even the way that you parse out information and reveals within the show can be different than you would on weekly TV. With weekly TV, you sit there and go, “The audience may not want to wait two or three weeks to get this particular bit of information.” Whereas with Netflix, we might be able to hold onto a particular piece of information, because they may just watch it two hours later.”

Daredevil does not have an official release date. Expect the show to come out approximately the same time as the upcoming Netflix shows Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones, the other Marvel shows that will eventually all tie together in a special Netflix miniseries, The Defenders.