DC TV: Should it Connect to the DC Films

People who watch Agents of SHIELD know that events in the Marvel cinematic universe have helped to improve the show, which quite frankly started off a bit slow, and brought it to a rousing first year conclusion. The upcoming Agent Carter series will also incorporate the Hydra infiltration of SHIELD into its storyline. And rumors say that the rebuilding of SHIELD will be a part of Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s a smart move to use the weekly access they have to fans, to help accentuate the effect of their overall universe.

That brings us to DC. Along with the confirmed Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League projects, DC is said to be planning to release a cluster of other films in theaters over the next few years.  On TV, they currently have the successful Arrow, which will soon have a spin-off featuring that super-speed hero, the Flash. DC also has Gotham and Constantine in the works. So how will these TV show and films work together?

Apparently, the answer is…not at all! Greg Berlanti , executive produce for Arrow and Flash, recently said there hadn’t been any conversations at all about connecting the DC TV projects and the DC Cinematic Universe. With the recently revealed Flash/Green Lantern movie coming out, as well as the Justice League, does this mean we’ll be getting a totally different Flash on film than the one played by Grant Gustin on TV?

And what about Gotham? Will the new Batman prequel-series about young James Gordon have any connection to the DC films? The problem here is that Gotham will take place at about 20 years before Bruce Wayne ever becomes Batman. (Affleck is 41, and will be playing a more seasoned, veteran Batman than Christian Bale played.)  That being the case, it’s unlikely that there will be any direct connection between the story arc of the DC films and Gotham. It’s possible that Gotham could utilize a precursor to some DC story arc, the way Agent Carter is using the Hydra storyline; but so far, nothing we’ve heard about the new series suggests any connection to the films.

Also, since Gotham will be on FOX TV, while Arrow and Flash are on the CW, this makes it unlikely that we’ll see any cross-show continuity or crossover events. DC may actually end up having three different continuities—one for the films, one for Arrow and Flash, and one for Gotham. (Much as Marvel has three universes with Disney, Sony and Fox.)

Should DC utilize their TV shows as part of their overall plan, the way Marvel is doing with Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter?