Defenders Teaser and Release Date

Okay this is short so don’t blink but it is a teaser so let’s check it out.

Okay our four heroes finally on screen, together, in an elevator. Okay while that’s not that exciting let’s look at this. It looks like they just got into a fight at what appears to be the Midland Circle Financial building. Also, the 45th floor of said building. Charlie Cox has concerns over showing his face as evidenced by the makeshift mask. The team is certainly agitated before Jessica Jones decides no more prying eyes. Okay Marvel you’ve got my interest. Also there’s an IP there that takes you to the paper Karen Page has been working at since the end of Daredevil Season 2. Nice touch guys, nice touch. But also we now know Defenders will be released August 18th 2017. How you ask. The time code at the top right of the vid has a time of 08:18 which is a Friday and Netflix does all it Marvel releases on Friday. Hey if I’m wrong I’ll admit it, if I’m not I expect my usual offerings of High grade Transformers and mid grade whiskey.

-Jason The X