Disney+ Adding a Hawkeye Series With Jeremy Renner to Pass the Torch

The lineup of original series for Disney’s impending streaming service, Disney+, is growing at an exciting pace.  With such limited series shows featuring MCU characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Soldier, and Falcon, to go along with the Star Wars series’ headlined by The Mandalorian, it’s shaping up to be quite the must-watch service.

As if all of those series weren’t enough, a new report has emerged from Variety, that states that Disney/Marvel are set to produce another series based on our favorite MCU archer.  That’s right, Hawkeye is getting his own series, with Jeremy Renner reprising the role. Sources say that the series will be a passing of the torch to Young Avengers alum Kate Bishop, who took up the mantle of Hawkeye from Clint Barton, in the comics.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kate Bishop, she’s the youngest daughter of a wealthy Manhattan family. After following her father to a meeting with the villain, El Matador, Bishop was caught and held for ransom. The Avengers ended up swooping in just in time to save her from El Matador.

During the bout, Bishop began to admire the Avengers, but specifically Hawkeye for being the only one without any abilities. Bishop became driven to being like her idol. Her resolve became even stronger after she was sexually assaulted. Afterward, she trained harder and eventually found her way to the Young Avengers, encountering Barton, and taking up the mantle of Hawkeye.

Both Disney and Renner’s people declined to comment on the story.

With a Hawkeye series joining the lineup, Disney+ is looking like it’ll be a major competitor when it eventually releases.  As more news for Disney+ is unveiled, we’ll have it here on Cinelinx!