Early Reviews Give Big Thumbs Down To Iron Fist

Iron Fist is getting knocked out by critics! Although expectations for the show are high, considering Netflix has a good track record with their Marvel super hero shows, the streak seems to be over. Marvel and Netflix may have a misfire on their hands. If the critics are right, based on the first six episodes, Iron Fist is a dud, having a rock-bottom ZERO% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.(As of Wed. March 8th.)

According to Variety, “It takes forever for anything to happen on Iron Fist, and as it stumbles along, the uninspired production design, unexceptional cinematography, and painful dialogue fail to distract the viewer from the overall lack of depth, detail, or momentum.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that star Finn Jones (who previously appeared on Game of Thrones) is lacking something in the lead role. They write, “It’s unclear if Jones’ lack of physical authority is dampening Iron Fist’s ability to be an action show or if Iron Fist’s lack of interest in being an action show has negated Jones’ ability to display physical authority.”     

ScreenRant continues the bad news, saying, “The show is so dull, it practically turns the immediacy of the binge-watch model into a dare.” IGN Movies sums it up by saying, “Iron Fist is thus far the weakest of the Marvel-Netflix series.”

Again, this is based only on the first 6 episodes, and not all the reviews are in yet, but the signs are very bad so far. Considering that Iron Fist is supposed to be the bridge that gets us to The Defenders, this is a bad time for Netflix/Marvel to stumble. Hopefully later reviews, or the opinions on the second half of the season, will be much better.