Elizabeth Banks to Direct & Co-Star in ‘Red Queen’ Adaptation at Peacock

In a major development, Peacock is working on an adaptation of Red Queen, a drama based on a best-selling YA fantasy novel by Victoria Aveyard.

The potential series is being co-written by former Arrow show runner Beth Schwartz and Victoria Aveyard and will feature Elizabeth Banks in one of the leading roles as well as a director of the series.

For those not familiar with the world of Red Queen, the story is set in an alternate near-future America where democracy is replaced by a monarchy led by a group of humans with superpowers who rule with an iron fist over those without powers. This world is slowly upended when Mare, a young woman who grew up without powers, suddenly discovers she has them and is thrust into a world of privilege as a result. The original 2015 novel has since been followed up by Glass Sword, King’s Cage and War Storm, which means there’s a lot of material to develop should the series be successfully developed by Peacock.

The fantasy world of Red Queen promises to provide the backdrop for a really good story, hopefully the series will be successfully developed by Peacock.

There’s no further details at the moment, but hopefully there will be more news soon.