Exclusive: Disney Already Casting for Star Wars Live-Action TV Projects

I know it’s not often that we post information from our own sources concerning rumors and what not (though we were spot on when it came to the first Godzilla trailer), but I felt this was too good to not share with you guys.  According to my source, who I can’t name, Disney’s casting auditions for Star Wars haven’t just been limited to the upcoming film, Episode VII.  Rather, they were told the people holding the auditions were casting for roles in as yet unannounced television projects including “specials and mini-series“. 

Sadly, there’s no word given on what these projects might be, but I have a guess or two.  Last year, a leaked image (above) from the European Brand Licensing Show hit the net that seemed to show investors some of the plans Disney had for the Star Wars brand.  One of the things listed was a Darth Vader TV Special, and since that image leaked, there’s been absolutely no mention of this.  

Perhaps this is the TV special our source is referring to, which would make some sense.  Since the Darth Vader special is listed as being set for 2014, Disney would have to be working on it now if they still want to make that happen.  Granted, that image also said that Episode VII was on track for Summer 2015, and we know that’s no longer the case; so it’s very possible that any proposed date for this Darth Vader special could be changed as well.  

Of course, it could be something entirely new that we haven’t heard of before too, i.e. the mini-series.  Disney’s been on the warpath when it comes to live-action TV projects for their Marvel properties.  With not one but 5 shows in the works for Netflix (which are mini-series by the way), another recurring series possibly in the works for a major network, and it’s ongoing support for Agents of SHIELD it’s clear that Disney sees potential in television for their major brands.  

Disney is pushing their Star Wars license hard and I’d be very shocked if Rebels were the only TV project they had planned or in the works.  With all the secrecy surrounding Star Wars right now, it’s not surprising they’re already making casting plans for unannounced endeavors.  Not to mention that early last year, ABC’s President stated that they were going to sit down with Disney and discuss live-action TV plans for Star Wars.  


As mentioned, I can’t talk much about my source aside from that I trust this person and that the information is coming from auditions being held (and no, I’m NOT referring to the highly publicized open casting calls Disney held last year).  Of course, Disney isn’t commenting on the matter but that’s been the case with all of the rumors so far.  Now we just have to wait and cross our fingers that official information will soon be forthcoming on Disney’s future plans for Star Wars and Television. 

What type of TV shows are you hoping to see with Star Wars?