Ferris Beuller Meets the Apocalypse in the Netflix Series Teaser ‘Daybreak’

Netflix has released the first teaser for their upcoming post-apocalyptic series, Daybreak! It’s Mad Max meets Ferris Beuller and somehow it seems to work. Check it out within…

You didn’t read that wrong. Next month, Netflix will release a brand new series revolving around high schoolers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This reads like something that would be terrifying to watch, but it’s actually way more lighthearted and it has a lot to do with the inclusion of Matthew Broderick and callbacks to Ferris Beuller.

This is the teaser for Netflix‘s Daybreak.

In this post-apocalyptic, genre-bending series, the city of Glendale, California is populated by marauding gangs of jocks, gamers, the 4-H Club, and other fearsome tribes who are kicking ass as they fight to survive in the wake of a nuclear blast (on the night of Homecoming…ugh). Following an eclectic group of survivors as they navigate this strange and treacherous world, DAYBREAK is part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale. This Generation A series (A for Apocalypse! Get it?) is rated TV MA. 

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d report about a show that placed a Ferris Beuller-type character and plot within the world of Mad Max. Yet, somehow, I can’t help but feel like it works? This is 2019, y’all.

Daybreak will release on Netflix, October 24, 2019.