Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Stream on Netflix in March

Let me just get this out of the way first…It’s about damn time.  The Clone Wars TV show has been off the air for a while now (well over a year) and it’s been about that long that we’ve been waiting to see these final promised episodes.  Now Lucasfilm has announced (through USA Today) that they’ve entered a partnership with the streaming giant Netflix to show the final episodes on March 7th

Star Wars fans can binge-watch the unaired sixth and final season of the award-winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series when it premieres on the streaming service March 7. Also as part of a deal announced Thursday by Disney, Lucasfilm and Netflix, all five seasons of Clone Wars that aired on Cartoon Network will be available as well, with director’s cut episodes and the feature film.

The cool thing here is that this is the first time anything Star Wars related has come to Netflix, and it’s the start of things to come.  Now that Netflix has an exclusive streaming deal with Disney, it won’t be long before more content starts to hit the service.  With all seasons available, if you missed anything in the show, or simply want to relive it, you have that option!  

On top of this announcement, we also get this brand new clip!  It’s nice to see…well, hear Liam Neeson making a cameo in the form of Qui-Gon and I can’t wait to see what other surprises are in store.  What do you guys think of how they’re releasing the last episodes?